Thud Rumble

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Thud Rumble - 100 MPH Backsliding Turkey Kuts Battle Scatch Record
This is a record for the hard-core skratchers! With a 3 minute skratch sentence which includes no..
Thud Rumble - Needle Thrashers Beta Battle Scratch Records
All those crazy beats and more that you've been hearing on DJ Qbert's "Do It Yourself Skratching"..
Thud Rumble - Needle Thrashers Omega Battle Scratch Record
Needle Thrashers Omega produced by DJ Qbert...All his latest tour beats on one record...nuff said..
Thud Rumble - Secrets of the Y Formula Scratch Record
Sol-Kaya (pronounced soul-kai-ya), or as we know it here as skratching, has been around for many ..
Thud Rumble 7" Baby Super Seal 3 - Spaghetti Seal (Giant Robo V Right Wing)
Spaghetti Seal (Skratchy Seal's evil cousin) has taken over and created the latest record in the ..
Thud Rumble 7" Baby Super Seal 4 - Sokbot (Giant Robo V Left Wing)
Sokbot has taken over and created the latest record in the Baby Superseal collection. All new..
Thud Rumble 7" Baby Super Seal 5 - The Wax Wolf (Giant Robo VAC Right Wing)
The Wax Wolf has portalled to earth from one of the moon’s secret interior forests to live out hi..
Thud Rumble Butter Rugs Slipmats (12" / Pair / White)
From the innovated minds of ThudRumble Ltd., comes a slipmat that actually slips! Without the add..
Thud Rumble Cop Porn Breaxxx Scratch/Sample Record - Limited Edition White Vinyl
Following the same path as the hits: "Superseal" and "Gag-Ball breaks", the master of skipless sk..
Thud Rumble Deluxe Shampoo Breaks Scratch Record
Released simultaneously with Turkey Kutz, Dirtstyle Deluxe Shampoo also caters to the skratch pur..
Thud Rumble Gag Seal Breaks Scratch/Battle Record - Limited Edition White Vinyl
Taking example from the all time great "Superseal" record, Skratchy's comes back with his 3rd ski..
Thud Rumble Sealed Breaks The Original Scratch/Battle Record
Skratchy Seal's first record! Side A features 4 dirtystyle beats to skratch to. But what makes th..