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Digico D-Rack Stage Box
Floor Mount 32 In, up to 16 Out Stage Box The DiGiCo D-Rack comes as standard in the SD9 system and is available as an option on all SD-Series consoles. The D-Rack provides 32 microphone inputs, 8 line outputs and 8 modular outputs that can be selected as either analogue or AES, providing a maximum capacity of 32 ins and 16 outs. With a digital CAT5E cable to connect to the console work surface, the hum and noise of analogue multicores are eliminated. ..
Digico D5 Digital Mixing Console
The D5 Live digital mixing system sets a completely new standard for live sound mixing. Its audio quality, convenience, simple and intuitive operation and cost effectiveness are a world apart from conventional mixing. This complete, self-contained system does away with the need for a multicore, splitters, line drivers, dynamics processors and an entire effects rack. You can record live to multitrack using the optional MADIcorder recording system, and store a complete show's settings on a ..
DIGICO D5-TC Theatre Master's Controller
D5-TC Theatre Master's Controller   The D5-TC (Theatre Masters Controller) provides alternative control over the 24 control group masters, outputs and cues, as well as all the normal display modes from the D5T master section on a TFT touchscreen. A row of 16 widely-spaced master faders with scroll function buttons display either the first 16 or the last eight control groups and include a bright, eight-character alphanumeric display above each fader showing master channel names in..
DIGICO D5RE - Redundant Engine
The D5 RE stand alone outboard engine system provides total audio engine redundancy through a few simple connections to any DiGiCo D5 Live console. The package is flight cased and contains a complete D5 engine assembly, two PSU’s, trackball keyboard and mouse for set-up procedure. To get up and running, the RE is daisy-chained to the console and stage racks via standard D5 optical fibre cables and additionally, connected from MADI port 2 on the RE to the auxiliary MADI port on the D5 loca..
DIGICO D5T Digital Mixing Console - Theatre Edition
The DiGiCo D5T is designed to put powerful, versatile, creative audio control right in the hands of theatre sound designers and operators. Designed in collaboration with some of the world's leading theatre sound practitioners, it provides a unique range of functionality in a compact package. The D5T sets a completely new standard for theatre sound mixing, with audio quality, intuitive operation and flexibility that are a world apart from conventional analogue or digital consoles. One ..
Digico SD9
Faders 24 x 100mm touch-sensitive, motorised Screens 1 x 15” (38cm) LCD high - resolution touch screen Meters 24 x 8-segment LED bargraph Input Channels 48 Flexi Channels Mono or Stereo Busses 16 Flexi Mono or Stereo busses + LR or LCR master Solo busses 2 stereo busses Matrix 12 x 8 matrix (additional to busses above) Control Groups 8, selectable for VCA-style, Moving fader, Mute Group Graphic Eq 16 x 32-band, Gain +/- 12dB Internal F..
Mackie DL1608 - Digital mixer for Ipad
Mix on the Go with the new Mackie DL1608 Proven Hardware That Sounds Great 16 Onyx mic preamps High-end Cirrus Logic® converters Ultra low-noise, high-headroom design 6 aux sends for monitor mixes Master L/R output for mains   Tons of Built-In Processing Choice of powerful, touch-sensitive plug-ins 4-band EQ, gate and compression on inputs 31-band GEQ and comp/limiter on outputs Global reverb and delay   ..
MIDAS DL32 Stage Rack
DL32 32 Input, 16 Output Stage Box with 32 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers, ULTRANET and ADAT Interfaces.   32 award-winning MIDAS PRO microphone preamplifiers with switchable 48 V phantom power   16 electronically balanced low impedance line level outputs   ULTRANET personal monitoring system connectivity for in-ear applications   Digital audio and control connectivity for TURBOSOUND speaker systems with ULTRANET networking capability ..
M32R Digital Console for Live and Studio with 40 Input Channels, 16 MIDAS PRO Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses.   Live performance and studio recording digital console with up to 40 simultaneous input channels   16 award-winning MIDAS PRO microphone preamplifiers   25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses   AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs   Open architecture allow..
Phonic AM85 2mic/2stereo Mixer
2-Mic/Line 2-Stereo Compact Mixer 2 mic/line inputs with 3-band EQ 2 stereo inputs Stereo AUX return Post-fader EFX send on every input Global +48V phantom power Peak and VU Metering Peak indicators on each mono input channel 2T RTN assignable individually to Main or Control Room Stereo EFX send cue for ease of monitoring individual channel Balanced master output ..
Phonic Helix24
16-Mic/Line 4-Group Mixer with DFX & FireWire Interface FireWire Pre/post setting for swapping streaming input channels to computer from pre low cut, EQ to post EQ, post fader 96kHz FireWire interface for streaming 18 independent channels of audio to computer with near-zero latency 2 channels of monitoring from computer via FireWire interface, can be assigned to control room monitors, main mix and AUX 1 DFX, our 32/40-bit high definition algorithm digital multi..
Yamaha M3000 40C
The M3000 is based on Yamaha’s experience with the PM series, and features superb sound quality with a full range of functionality. 40 Channel VCA faders Scene memory ..