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Numark TTX2 Turntable
Numark TTX-2 Quartz locked pitch/Tempo/Key controll, Very High Torque, Line/Phone/Digital-Out, Auto BPM Complete with Ortofon Pro-S Cartridge and slip-mat ..
Technics SL1200mkII
Technics SL1200mkII The Technics SL1200MKII is a Direct Drive turntable, which means that the motor is directly to the platter and turns at the same rate as the record. It uses a brushless DC motor and since it turns at a low speed and there are no additional parts to transfer torque from motor to platter it has several advantages, e.g. low wow & flutter, low rumble, rotational stability and precision and a long service life. This feature gives the turntable a start-up time of .7 seco..