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Lighting Pack 1
This lighting package is the perfect addition for any DJ gig or Party. Sound activated lights means hassle free operation and easy set-up. Includes a fog machine with wired remote and a T Stand which will hold all 4 lights. Includes: 4 LED Effect Lights 1  Fog Machine with Remote 1 Push up Tree (Holds 4 Lights) ..
Lighting Pack 2
Similar to Lighting Pack 1, this package contains 8 12x5Watt R.G.B.W.A L.E.D Multipars. These cans are far superior to the standard lighting can as they contain additional colours and have a far brighter and wider beam for a superior wash.     Consists of:    - 8 x Concert series multipars  - 1 x Martin freekie console  - 2 x Push up ‘T’ stand which will hold 4 lights  - All necessary cables included ..
Lighting Pack 3
Approx. Set up Time:           .5hrs (1person) (on Ground)                                             1hrs (1person) (Fly)  Approx. Pack Down Time:     .25-1hr (1ppl)       Moving Head sharp beams have become a must have in any lighting show. As seen on your favrite reality T.V shows, they are the most ..
Lighting Pack 4
Approx. Set up Time:        2hrs (2 people)  Approx. Pack Down Time:   1hrs (2 people)     Lighting Pack 4 is a complete light show that would be ideal for small venues, school plays and outdoor events. This pack also acts as a great starting point for those people who wish to create a customized rig for their event.    We recommend that this system be set up, programmed and operated by a lighting technician wh..
Lighting Pack 5
Approx. Set up Time:               6hrs ( 2people)   Approx. Pack Down Time:         5hrs ( 2people)      Lighting Pack 5 is designed festivals, high end corporate work and people looking to make an impression on their audience.      We recommend that this system be set up, programmed and operated by a Lighting Technician who is competent in DMX Lightingwhich we can facilitate.  ..
Lighting Pack 6
Approx. Set up Time:             6hrs (2 people)   Approx. Pack Down Time:        5hrs (2 people)      Lighting Pack 6 is designed to impress. Festivals, high end corporate events, concerts, whatever the event, this lighting pack is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.     We recommend that this system be set up, programmed and operated by a lighting technician who is competent..
At Concert Audio Visual, we believe that a great light show is the key to transforming your event into a spectacle to remember. The right lighting can bring elegance to a charity fundraiser for your corporate event, soul to a stage show and put the power into a rock show. At Concert AV we strive to give you the best show we can for the best price. Below are our standardised lighting packages, catering for the small house party to corporate and festivals. 
Some packages are great add-ons to existing lighting shows to add the some ‘WOW’ effect. Finally, for large upper scale events, these packs are a great starting template when trying to design your ultimate light show