Dune 400w Mini Fog Machine

Dune 400w Mini Fog Machine
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Brand: Dune
Product Code: Fog400
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Dune fog 400 mini fog machine.

Professional ,Super compact and portable design

This Mini 400W Smoke Machine is perfect for various purposes including mobile DJ, parties, small theatres, club, etc.

An economical, practical smoke machine with compact appearance, it preheats rapidly and on average releases 400 cubic feet high-quality smoke per minute.


Together with the effect of lights, you could enjoy fantastic nightclub and theatre environment.

Comes with With remote.



  •     POWER SUPPLY:  240v
  •     Heater power:  400watt
  •     Preheat time:  4 minutes
  •     Fog Output:  400CU.FT./MIN
  •    Tank capacity: 1L
  •     Dimensions: 250X130X170mm
  •     FUSE: 230V/3.15A
  •     WEIGHT: 1.7 KGS

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