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Wash Lights & PARs
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Chauvet CD IP POWER 5
CD IP POWER 5 (IP 5m Power Extension Cable) Five-meter power extension cable for IP-rated CHA..
Chauvet Core 3x3
Core™ 3x3 combines a pixel-mapping effect and a powerful LED wash. Powered by nine RGB LEDs with ..
Chauvet DFi - USB
DFI-USB The Chauvet DJ DFi-USB is the new compact wireless USB-DMX transceiver for compatible..
Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP x6 LED Wireless PARcan with Charging Case
The Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP x6 is a comprehensive pack consisting of (6) Freedom Flex H4 IP..
Chauvet EZ-Pin IRC
EZpin™ IRC is a battery-powered LED pin spot, perfect for lighting centerpieces, cakes, and focal..
Chauvet EZ-Pin Pack with Remote Control
EZpin™ Pack bundles 6 EZpin™ IRC fixtures and 1 IRC-6 remote into an easily transportable VIP Gea..
Chauvet EZ-Wedge Tri
EZWedge™ Tri is a battery-operated, tri-color LED wash light that fits perfectly inside TRUSST® G..
Chauvet Follow Spot 75
This portable, LED-powered followspot is equipped with a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, fo..
Chauvet Motion Drape LED
The MotionDrape™ LED is a backdrop for any mobile performer. 176 tri-color SMD LEDs matrixed acro..
Chauvet Slim par Quad 6 IRC
SlimPAR™ Quad 6 IRC is a low profile, high-power LED PAR designed for any application where wash ..
Chauvet Wedge Tri
Wedge™ Tri is a triangle-shaped, DMX-controllable LED wash light designed to fit inside triangula..
Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus DMX Interface with Software
Computer based DMX software allows you to control huge lighting rigs from your fingertips. Includ..
Concert Series RGBWA+UV LED Multipar
Concert Series 18x12w (RGBWA+UV) LED Multipar LED bulb: 18xRGBWA+UV 12W Display: LED..
Finally there’s a professional pinspot that just as easily serves as an RGBW mini profile. Use th..
CR Lite MAGIKPAR 18 HEX Can Hex 18 Silent LED Wash (18x RGBWA-UV 12W)
    The CR Lite MAGIKPAR 12 HEX is a high-power, low-profile LED wash ligh..
CR Power Partybar 9w - 4 x  TriColor LED PAR with T Bar and Stand
  3 x 9 watt Tri Colour LED per can Pre-Mounted on T Bar Footswitch Incl..
CR‐Lite Magik Par 12 HEX Silent Par Can - (12 x 6w RGBWA-UV)
  The CR Lite MAGIKPAR 12 HEX is a high-powered, low-profile LED wash light with pr..
CR‐Lite Magik PAR 6 HEX Silent Par Can - (6 x 6w RGBWA-UV)
Magik Par is a step forward in affordable stage lighting for concerts, churches, bars, venue..
DUNE 3w LED Pinspot
Perfect to replace those old PAR36 Pinspots! Stop replaceing lamps and get some LED Pins! The..
Light Emotion PAR64 LED Controller
  Light Emotion PAR64 LED Controller Dedicated controller for Par 64 LED cans. The con..
$179.00 $143.00
MarQ ColorMax Bat 100 - RGB LED Linear Wash
Lightweight Indoor LED Linear Wash Light   Specs 240 x 10mm LEDs (96 Red, 72 Gre..
Marq Colormax P18 - 18 x 1W RGB LED PAR
18 x 1W LED Indoor PAR Apologies for the American spelling here, but we think this product, a..
MarQ Colormax PAR56 - Lightweight Indoor LED Wash Light
MARQ's PAR56 pack a real punch, with 108 LED's of three colours enabling you to mix a wide range ..
MarQ Colormax PAR64 - Lightweight Indoor LED Wash Light
MARQ's PAR64 has got more LED's than you can poke a stick at, with 177 LED's of three colours ena..
MarQ Gamut Par H7 - Low profile 7 x 10 watt LED Wash (RGBAW/UV)
The Gamut PAR H7 is a low-profile LED wash light with 6-in-1 LED colour technology (RGBAW/UV..
MarQ Gesture Beam 102 - 2-sided Moving Head Beam
2-sided Moving Head Beam Independent RGBW Colour mixing for each side Continuous Pan &..
MarQ Gesture Beam 400 - 75W LED Motorized Beam
The Gesture Beam 400 projects a crisp, tight beam for precise aerial effects and also offers..
MarQ Gesture Beam 500 120W LED Motorized Beam
dddddddddddddd With its powerful 120W LED lamp, the Gesture Beam 500 projects a brillian..
MarQ Gesture Spot 400-  75W LED Motorised Focus Spot
Motorized focus via DMX or directly from the menu adds up to the utmost in versatility and p..
MarQ Gesture Spot 500 120W LED Moving Head
Motorized focus via DMX or directly from the menu adds up to the most versatile and extra-br..
MarQ Gesture Wash 102 Double Sided Wash
Product Information: 2-SIDED MOVING HEAD WASH Independent RGBW Colour mixing for eac..
Marq Lighting Gesture Spot 300
SPECIFICATIONS 7 exchangeable gobos + open with shake effect and rotation 8 Colours + whi..
MarQ Lighting RezoTube Pack - High Resolution LED  Tube Display Pack
Add brilliant, dramatic effects to your shows! Five 1-meter LED tube effects lights deliver ..
Marq Onset - 120W COB LED Framing Spot
Put your stars in the spotlight! Give your top attractions the attention they deserve with the On..
Music Light LED
 A handy LED light for musicians.  Battery Powered (2 x AA) Includes AC power a..
SLIM-PAR 18 x 3watt RGB
A lightweight and compact LED PAR Can fitted with 18 x 3-in-1 RGB LEDs. This unit can be controll..
UV LED Plastic Par Can - 186x10mm
A lightweight and compact LED PAR Can fitted with UV LEDs. 186x10mm LEDs. Specifications..
UV TUBUE - 36 Watt Black Light Fluoro Tube
Used extensively for live music, discos, night clubs, and great for parties.  Requires stand..