Focusrite Clarett 8PreX

Focusrite Clarett 8PreX
Focusrite Clarett 8PreX Focusrite Clarett 8PreX Focusrite Clarett 8PreX
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Brand: Focusrite
Product Code: Clarett 8PreX
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26-IN, 28-OUT Thunderbolt™ Audio Interface

Excellent sound is the quality Clarett owners love most. With up to 119dB dynamic range, superbly low noise, precision 24-bit/192kHz conversion and eight specially designed mic preamps with a unique analogue Air effect, Clarett 8PreX simply sounds great, easily outperforming other interfaces in its class and beyond. Meanwhile, its 1.67 ms round-trip latency simplifies your workflow and lets you use your favourite plug-ins in real time.

The Heart of The Studio

Specially designed for studio installation, Clarett 8PreX includes separate rear panel inputs for mic, line and instrument, ADAT I/O to add 16 more channels, and dedicated phantom power, phase reverse and high-pass filters on every channel.

8 Clarett Mic Pres with Extra Air

The mic pres have been designed especially for the Clarett range, with plenty of gain, yet low noise and distortion. In addition, they include a special Air feature that switches in an analogue model of the classic transformer-based Focusrite ISA mic pre. The Instrument inputs also feature extra headroom to handle the loudest pickup. It’s the Focusrite sound over Thunderbolt™.

The Perfect A-D and D-A Conversion

Decades of analogue circuit design experience, applied around 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A conversion, delivers a superior signal path with 119dB dynamic range. Hear your music sound better than you've ever heard it sound before.


Technical Specifications

  • Microphone Inputs
    • Frequency Response                20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-0.1 dB
    • Dynamic Range                         118 dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N                                        0.001%
    • Noise EIN–                                 128 dBu (A-Weighted)
    • Maximum input level                +18 dBu
    • Gain Range                                 57dB
  • Line Inputs
    • Frequency Response               20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-0.1 dB
    • Dynamic Range                        116 dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N                                       0.005%
    • Maximum input level               +26dBu
    • Gain Range                                57dB
  • Instrument Inputs
    • Frequency Response                 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.1 dB
    • Dynamic Range                          111 dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N                                         0.001%
    • Maximum input level                +14dBu
    • Gain Range                                 57dB
  • Line & Monitor Outputs
    • Dynamic Range (Line Outputs)              119dB
    • Dynamic Range (Monitor Outputs)        117dB
    • Maximum Output Level (0 dBFS)           +18 dBu
    • THD+N                                                       0.0007%
  • Headphone Outputs
    • Dynamic Range                          112dB
    • THD+N                                         0.0008%
    • Maximum Output Level            +16dBu


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