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ARAC AC-120 Lighting Bag
 ARAC120 is a rectangular shaped case that will carry a wide range of products ranging from ..
Chauvet CHS-25 Padded Transport Bag
  The CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag is perfect for carrying a small system of the popular SlimPAR ..
Chauvet CHS-30 Padded Transport Bag
  The CHS-30 VIP Gear Bag is perfect for carrying a small system of the popular SlimPAR™..
Chauvet CHS-50 Padded Transport Bag
  It’s a soft-sided rolling transport bag that fits many of our most popular fixtures. I..
Chauvet CHS-60 Padded Transport Bag
  Protect and easily carry around your LED strip lights with this extremely affordable, ..
Chauvet Core 3x3
Core™ 3x3 combines a pixel-mapping effect and a powerful LED wash. Powered by nine RGB LEDs with ..
Chauvet DJ Bank
The DJ Bank™ quickly and easily adds color to any party. This compact strip light features 4 pods..
Chauvet Follow Spot 75
This portable, LED-powered followspot is equipped with a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, fo..
Chauvet Gig Bar 2 Foot Controllable Lighting FX
The Chauvet DJ GigBar 2 is the ultimate pack-n-go 4-in-1 lighting system for DJs and Bands.  ..
Chauvet Impulse 648 LED Strobe
The Impulse 648 harnesses the power of 648 white SMD LEDs to deliver an astonishingly bright stro..
Chauvet LED Pinspot 2.0
  Perfect to replace those old PAR36 Pinspots! Stop replacing lamps and get some LED Pin..
Chauvet LX-5
The LX5 is an update to the ZX-5™ of CHAUVET's Precision™ Series, as it features LED technology i..